Sexual Health


Contraceptive Services

The practice offers a full range of contraceptive services. We don’t hold a special clinic, but you can discuss your needs with any of the doctors who can offer contraceptive advice and emergency contraception.

Our nurses are able to perform routine pill checks and Depo contraceptive injections and our Nurse Practitioners can initiate prescriptions for either of these if you aren’t already using these methods.

We are also able to offer contraception coil fitting, including the Mirena system. If you are particularly interested in either of these methods, then please make an appointment to see one of the three to discuss (this can usually be done over the telephone). The clinician will then be able to advise on a fitment appointment.


The C-Card Scheme: offers young people free condoms, sexual health and relationships advice and information.

Further information is available at:

B&NES Sexual Health Improvement Service for Young People

We provide free confidential sexual health service for young people.

This service is for young people aged 13 – 24 years, and for professionals working with young people in the Bath and North East Somerset area.

Further information is available at:

Safe BANES is a website for young people living in Bath and North East Somerset. On this website, you can find information and advice on free condoms (C-card); contraception; emergency contraception; sexually transmitted infections (STIs); pregnancy; sexual & gender identity; relationships and sexual abuse.

You can also find all the sexual health and relationship services that you can access across Bath and North East Somerset and those closest to you.

SAFE stands for Sexual health Advice For Everyone and is a quality standard offered to all organisations who provide sexual health advice and information to young people aged 13 to 24. Any service showing the SAFE logo shows that services are young person friendly.