Why are we changing the way you contact the surgery?

The current demand for appointments has prompted a review on how we could improve this, for patients and staff.

We know that phone lines can get very busy first thing in the morning, and this can lead to frustration. Many people also want the convenience of being able to submit requests via the web page as this can fit around other commitments. Our new system will mean those that are able, can complete a form on the web page at any time during the day and it will be added to the system for review by a doctor or nurse. Those that are unable to complete an online form can still contact us and one will be completed on your behalf by our reception team and be added to the system in the same way as if you had completed it online, providing equal access for everyone.

The way you book a routine nurse appointment for procedures such as annual health checks, dressings, smears etc will  not change and you can continue to book these in the same way.

Please keep an eye on our social media page for updates over the next few weeks!