Non-NHS Services

Not all services are covered by the NHS. This practice offers a range of Priate Medical Services for which there is a charge.

Please refer to the list below for work which GPs are able to do. Alternatively contact our medical secretaries who can advise of whether the GP is able to fulfil your request and if so confirm the cost.

If you do make an appointment to discuss your request for a non NHS service please be aware that there may be a charge of £40 for the use of an NHS consultation.

Medical Examination and Reports (non-listed reports may be available at the discretion of the Doctor)

  • Employment: including driver fitness, HGV, Hackney Carriage, PSV, Employment requests, Council and sports requests
  • Insurance reports without examination
  • Adoption, Fostering and Child-minding Medical
  • Straight forward certificates of fact
  • Accident or sickness letter (without examination) for patient to claim under accident or sickness insurance
  • Private medical insurance claim forms
  • Holiday insurance claim forms
  • Private sick notes / capacity to work
  • Report on a pro-form without examination
  • Written report without examination

Please note our GPs do not provide opinion based reports for Firearms Licences, and will provide a computer summary only. We do not provide fitness to fly certificates.

Private patients can see a doctor for a fee of £40 (per 10 minute consultation). An additional charge of £15 every 5 minutes thereafter also applies.

If a private prescription (FP10) is required this will cost £15 plus the cost of the medication itself.