Diabetic Clinic

If you are a patient with diabetes it is important to have up to date checks carried out to ensure that we can discuss the results and any changes that may be may require to your care. In the month of your birth please contact the surgery to book two appointments:

  1. To have a non-fasting blood test, weight, height and feet check. Please bring an early morning urine sample to this appointment and any home blood pressure readings you are able to provide as these are a more accurate reflection of your blood pressure than a single reading at the surgery. If you do not own a blood pressure monitor this will be done at the appointment.
  2. To discuss your results/care with a member of the Diabetes Team. If you take regular blood sugar levels please make sure you bring your readings to this appointment

Once a year you will get an invitation for retinal eye screening.

For further information please visit:

Diabetes Leaflets: