Online Services

To use the online system you will need to have a new log-on code and password. If you have not yet got them then the instructions below tell you how to get them.

In order to protect your confidentiality you will need to get your new details in person. You can do that in the following ways:

  • At the reception desk. For your own security you must bring some form of photographic identification to do so, e.g. your passport/ photo driving license.
  • Carers – if you order prescriptions online for another person then you will need to provide written permission from that person before we can give you their logon details.
  • Housebound – if you are genuinely housebound and unable to come to the surgery then please contact us and we will arrange for your new details to be sent to you.
  • Parents – ALL patients aged 13 and over will need to attend in person with photo-ID and will be given their logon details individually. We will not provide logon details to the parents of any children aged 13 and over unless the teenager is present with their photo ID.
  • Please note that we cannot accept email requests for your new details and in order to reduce the costs to the NHS we will only send new logon details out to those patients who are housebound.

Enter Online Services

For further information about online services please visit the NHS website.